gathering in the bathroom
2003-08-16 22:39:36 ET

yesterday was hella sick i cant metion much of what

happened but i think that you get the idea well anyways my

friend lanell had a small get together at her house last

night there were 7 of us and we kicked it in her bathroom

and it was really fun and funny you just had to have been

there and understand what we were doing well that was

pretty much what happened i wish i could explain more but

ill get kicked off if i do well anyways today was pretty

dull i went to bed at like 6 this morning i dont know why

but for some reason i couldnt get to sleep anyways work

sucked ass i only worked for 2 hours i wish i could've

worked longer cause i need to make some god damn money but

then after work i hung out with lanell and we went to

clarks house and hung out there it was pretty chill but

yeah this weekend has been pretty dull but i was happy to

find out that i can still go to lollapalooza which is sick

but i just have to make sure that my ass doesnt get into

trouble for the next 2 days or im fucked

2003-08-17 04:57:36 ET

you better stay out of trouble my friend cuz i want you to go!! :D and have some fun!

2003-08-17 22:06:53 ET

dude its all good im not in any trouble i just have to stay good for the next 36 hours and thats not hard

2003-08-18 04:52:01 ET

hahaha yea, im sure you'll be fine....but have fun!!

2003-08-18 19:33:44 ET

dude its all good things are just fine

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