awesome suprise
2003-08-21 21:48:08 ET

holy shit yesterday i got quite a suprise it was any normal wednesday morning for me i was still asleep at 10:30 in the morning then all of a sudden i hear the doorbell ring i thought it was my brothers PO then i herd my door open and i was thinking who the fuck would be coming to my house at 10:30 in the morning cause usually no one wakes up till 12 or 1 so i turn around and who do i see walking through my door but CYNDI LOU thats who..... it was crazy cause she said that she wasnt going to visit till november i was so excited but it was really strange for some reason it didnt even really feel like she left i mean it just feels like she was gone for a really long week its crazy but its good that shes home i hella missed her so much i wish she could stay here...... but yeah im really really happy that shes here..... the only things that we have really been doing is just trying to get her to see everyone she possibly can she looks so good i mean she still looks the same only a slight different.... hhehehehehe im so happy!!!!

2003-08-22 05:21:39 ET

Haha that happened when my best friend came up and visited me. Scared the shiznit out of me! Just walkin in the door. haha. Musta been great for you! Friends are good.

2003-08-22 07:49:15 ET

hehe it cuz im cool like that :D

2003-08-22 10:43:36 ET

yeah it was one of the best suprises ever i mean i've had little suprises before but i always knew about them a head of time but this one i didnt know anything about it

2003-08-24 07:20:07 ET

Yes, they're the best ones! :-p

2003-08-30 23:32:33 ET

yeah dude getting suprises is hella sic k

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