school sucks
2003-09-03 17:50:45 ET

damn i hate being back at school i hate seeing the same

people..... i wish that we acctually got cool new people at

my school maybe im just missing them there all hiding from

me anyways the new schedule we have this year is acctually

pretty cool on mondays we dont start till like 9 and on

some days i dont have to go to school still 10 because i

have bowling in the morning so on some days i dont have to

go which is chill but thats not that often and my classes

arient really that bad except for my american studies class

that shit is so hard and it sucks cause i just got

transfered into that class yesterday so im already hella

behind but umm hmmm nothing really exciting has been

happening uhhh nope thats pretty much it.... well im kinna

mad right now because at school i hardly ever see steve and

i wish that i could see him more but it was cool that i got

to kick it with him this weekend i just wish that i could

talk to him about what he told me and find out if hes for

real about it or if he was just saying all that crap to try

and fuck me i really hope not cause i like him a lot but

umm yeah ATMOSPHERE IS FUCKING AWESOME and i cant wait to

see them in santa cruz!!!! ehh i was just thinking about

that so i thought i would add it in

2003-09-03 18:06:01 ET at 9 or 10...and BOWLING!...thats some good times..

our school just has lameo football..

oh figs

2003-09-04 19:58:37 ET

hahahahahaha damn that sucks, yeah bowling is pretty sick and starting later is pretty cool except on some days when i still have to get up hella early to go to bowling

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