2003-09-15 20:00:37 ET

zippo's toilet paper yeah thats true and the ashtrays just

a petting zoo

were not gonna piss in a cup no were gonna fuk shit up

shooting up and smokeing dope live fast die young is what

we hope

drinking forties and snorting speed were gonna do just what

we need

strait strong white and het

twisting the words of minor threat beer not coffe in our cup

we wish that we could fuk shit up

we the punx are out to night we're gonna start a riot what

a sight

burning cop cars and looting stores

eat the rich because were poor

nazi cops and nazi skins sometimes it seems theyre gonna win

gotta stick together gotta tighten up then were gonna fuk

shit up

2003-09-20 09:29:19 ET


shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shaaake yo bootay, shaake yooo bootay

2003-09-20 12:45:52 ET

hahahahahahahaha thats the way to go

2003-09-20 15:08:56 ET

thats the way to go franko un-american

*dances some more

2003-09-21 19:22:45 ET


2003-09-22 17:53:32 ET

\m/(-_-)\m/ RUAWR!

2003-09-22 19:02:10 ET

your so great!!!

2003-09-23 17:36:10 ET

nah son your nuts! i aint great


you should up date more dude your interesting

in the words of criegs dad in the movie friday when he yells at smokey

" you always got some shit goin "

2003-09-23 19:33:16 ET

hahahahhahaa i guess dude im not that interseting i mean i would talk about other stuff that i do but ill get kicked off if i talk about fadeing and puff puff

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