what the fuck is wrong with me
2003-09-21 23:47:02 ET

why is it bad shit always seems to follow in my path here i

am trying to figure out why im coughing so much but yet no

stuffy nose, no head ache, no fever, no cold symptoms or

flu symptoms just major bad coughing for no reason what the

fuck i hate this shit i gotta get up in like 5 hours to go

to school and i dont even know what the fuck is wrong with

me tonight has been the worst night of this shit and i said

something to my mom and does she care nope it'll pass amy

your fine but im not fucking fine cause i dont know what

the fuck is wrong with me i mean is it so much to ask to

find out what the hell is wrong with me so it will go the

fuck away i cant take this anymore im tired of sleepless

nights because of this shit i fucking hate not knowing

whats going on with my body

2003-09-24 14:10:04 ET

my sister had something like that...think it was bronchitis...not sure though. hope ya feel better soon thoough

2003-09-25 14:01:17 ET

yeah dude thats what i think it is but i dunno its gotton a lot better like i can acctually go to sleep now without caughing a whole bunch i think it might be going away which is chill

2003-09-25 16:32:31 ET

welp it never hurts to check ya know

2003-09-25 22:21:33 ET

yeha im gonna go to the doctor when my mom gets back from reno cause i relaly wanna know whats going on

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