i got terminated..... hella dumb shit
2003-09-29 19:00:39 ET

hella bad shit has happened but yet some good shit followed

the shit all started bad when i got fired from pizza hut

because i didnt get my work permit renewed man it was hella

gay i was so made cause they didnt tell me that i would

loose my job over some retarted ass shit like that man it

was lame but then my mom wasnt really trippin about it she

acctually was pretty cool about it but then like good shit

i went to my friend josh's house on fryday night and it was

hella fun and then i got in trouble on saturday when i came

home cause my brother was mad that i spent the night at my

friends house he thinks i was at amandas but anyways like

my mom was gone for the weekend and he got hella pissed

cuse i went against the house rules or whatever so i

couldnt go out on saturday but i hella convinced him that i

stayed at amandas house so he wasnt trippin about that

anymore and then on sunday he let me smoke some hooka with

his friends i hope that i dont get kicked off about talking

about smoking hooka cause its not illegal or anything but

yeah so that was hella chill and he didnt even tell my mom

that i spent the night some where but yeah i dunno i dont

think this guy that im into is really into me anymore cause

like i keep asking him if he wants to hang out and i dunno

its not like he acctually says yeah dude lets chill its

like yeah lets hang out sometime its hella gay man and hes

really cute too and hella sweet DAMMIT!!!!

2003-09-29 19:32:55 ET

this has NOTHING to do with ya post BUT...
I just wanted to be REAL kreepy like and tell ya that ya SK name is CRAZY.
it gets stuck in my head..
and I say it a lot... or at least think of it..
it's insane like that.. it's been liek that since i started heer.

2003-09-30 02:07:50 ET

hooka isnt illegal, but its illegal to you :p
mmmm but damn hooka is damn good shit thats why i love to go to hooka shops and just chill.

2003-09-30 12:10:10 ET

aw amy sorry bout that guy, but your come off as a really cool ass person and your fucking beutiful, just move on.

2003-09-30 16:37:07 ET

shini- thanks man about getting my sk name stuck in your head and yeah i got terminated thing is what my boss told me when he fired me hahahaha

cyndi- yeah dude hooka is bomb as fuck

theo- yeah dude i know i should just forget about it but i dunno he gives me all kinds of mixed signals and shit and i dunno i kinna wanna try one more time and if this shit doesnt work well im gonna be pissed but ehh ill move on

2003-09-30 17:42:19 ET


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