when i pick up the phone... but theres still nobody home
2003-10-01 17:08:32 ET

man today was fucking hella boring i went to school sat in

the office doing nothing then went to tutorial that was

alright ditched 4th went to my friend josh's house and

watched the wall then came back to 711 for lunch to have a

stoge before i went to chem, chem was hella weak we did

nothing but i drew a really cool picture and gave it to my

good friend wishcracks and went to 711 after school to let

lauren hug me for a little while cause she loves giving me

hugs and tells me how cute i am shes so great and yeah i

really didnt want to be there cause i hate being there but

its so close and im too lazy to walk elswhere to have a

stoge and its so close to the school why walk further but

yeah then my friend mike was nice enough to give me some

bus money cause my ass be broke these days with no job and

then i came home and watched the wall again but this time

with comentary so its better because then like the scenes

that i dont understand i get now and then towards the end i

fell asleep cause im overly exhausted and then i got woke

up because it was dinner time and now im talking to the

erics and nell bell and yeah i gotta wash the kitchen floor

and i think after that im gonna go to bed im too fucking


2003-10-01 17:14:30 ET

i like hugs to. :)

*jumps on you to hug

2003-10-01 17:22:11 ET

aww thanks

2003-10-02 07:23:32 ET

amy i <3 you!

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