2003-10-03 23:12:17 ET

i have come to the conclusion that i have insomnia i cant

get to sleep no matter how early i go to bed or how late i

go to bet its immpossible for me to sleep it just doesnt

work last night when i went to bed i couldnt tell if i was

a sleep or awake i hate it... i can sleep during the day

but at night when im really really tired i cant sleep i

think i might be nocturnal hahahaha i just need to get a

lid and that'll help me get to sleep i hate not getting my

sleep cause then i turn into a little bitch when i dont get

my sleep i get all crabby and snappy but anyways im pretty

pissed i couldnt go out tonight cause my mom got the call

that i ditched 5th yesterday i really need to start going

to class i was doing so good i went for 2wks straight and

then i just fucked shit up but oh well high schools a waste

fuck everything im in a bad mood

2003-10-04 14:16:50 ET

i cant sleep worth shit to..even on the paxilcr im on...its uppose to help me sleep better but NO..but your still young..and so am i..eventually all you'll ever do is sleep..i mean look at old people

2003-10-06 17:34:57 ET

this is true but i never started having problems with this until last year and it wasnt that bad but lately its been getting a lot worse

2003-10-06 17:37:24 ET

well hope ya get some sleep cuz ya to perty to be all awake all the time..pretty soon your gonna look like that cofee dude that was on madtv

2003-10-06 18:44:47 ET

hahahahhahaha will do

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