everything sucks
2003-10-07 19:52:15 ET

man everything sucks ass im just fucking tired of

everything just isnt falling into place right... i just

hate everything i just need a change i need to get the fuck

out of here im slowly getting more tired and just so tired

of everything its hard to explain but just fuck everything

ive been so depressed lately and its not cool because if

you knew the person that i am im not the type that gets

depressed im usually really happy and sunny cause i just

dont like to be all down and shit cause thats just not what

i want to focus on i try and focus on the good but right

now everything is just all bad nothing i want is coming to

me and slowly im looseing everything too many let downs and

too many things to look forward to that dont seem to happen

this sucks.....

2003-10-07 19:54:55 ET

:::pokes::: *hugs*.. :::pokes:::smirks:::pokes again::: :-* <3

2003-10-07 20:00:40 ET

... i don't think i suck... last guy said they were quite pleased that i was willin' to swallow...

it was quite degrading... but i'll do anything to not suck :::sniffles:::

2003-10-07 20:02:03 ET

i just kid... i hope you feel better... don't like to see people sad :-\... *hugs* get to feelin' better about stuff...

2003-10-08 02:17:09 ET

Amy you know i love you!!

2003-10-08 14:38:11 ET

*bear hug

common babydoll, feel better!

2003-10-08 18:34:43 ET

apollyon- hey thanks man thats was cool of you

cyndi- i know i love you too

ophobiet- yeah ill feel better after i have another fattie (you know what im talking about) shit i know cyndi does

2003-10-08 18:35:25 ET

hahahah i know i know..but still

*super big bear hug

2003-10-08 18:36:11 ET

aww thank you

2003-10-08 18:40:19 ET

es nada beutiful :)

2003-10-08 20:04:25 ET

thank you... :-)... i was tryin' to make ya smile... just had to let ya know i was playin' around so you wouldn't get mad at me... wouldn't like that either... haha... you feel better?

2003-10-09 17:03:05 ET

apollyon- yeah i feel a little bit better thanks for tryin got cheer me up again

2003-10-10 02:00:35 ET

tis cool :-)

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