my mom is fucking nuts
2003-10-09 17:06:42 ET

ok so im feeling better you know the guy i like is talking

to me so anyways like i came home and my mom was hella

trippin cause my brother punced a hole into the wall and

like so my mom was going crazy and she took me to the

police station to get tested and like they said that they

couldnt test me unless i got in trouble so she was shit out

of luck anyways she came home and then left and now she

acting alright about everything i think that she was just

pissed about my brother but im ok im like doing good but

shes makeing a big deal over nothting

2003-10-09 17:10:03 ET

i punched a hole through my wall to one mom got nuts to

2003-10-10 12:43:42 ET

hahahahaha yeah dude i felt like doing the same last night she was getting all kinds of crazy

2003-10-10 13:39:54 ET

just kick her in the face yo

2003-10-12 10:14:38 ET

dude i really wanted too but like shes being all cool now like nothing even happened so whatever

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