2003-10-12 10:27:47 ET

so on fryday my sister in law gave birth to another baby

boy his name is william (liam) scott harwood i dont know

where they got william (liam for short) from but they got

the scott from my brother eric cause thats his middle name

but anyways so hes so cute and hes really tiny i wish i had

a camera so i could show everyone the beautiful kids my

brother and his wife make i swear im so jelouse cause they

have some really good looking kids i hope mine are that

cute.... yesterday kinna sucked cause like i called my best

friend amanda cause she lives down here in fresno and like

i wanted to see her cause i havent seen her since feb so

you know its been a while so i wanted to see her but she

already had plans to go to the coast with her b/f and yeah

you know i understand that she was busy but like i dunno i

know this is kinna selfish but this is a good point i mean

i dont come down here that often which means i never get to

see her and shit and like she can go to her beach house

anytime and go party and fuck her b/f i mean i come down

maybe 2 a year and like she couldnt even give me one day of

her time but oh well anyways but my day got better when i

got to see my cute nephew JACOB although when he talks

about himself he likes to call himself (jakeapee) i swear i

wish this kid was mine hes just the cutest thing ever but

yeah so i got to kick it with him for a little while we

played some baseball and then we ate some goldfish and had

a popcicle and then i read him some stories and we took a

nap together hes just so fun and so cute and then we had

dinner at my grandparents house and then my brother and his

wife came over with liam hes so cute hes so tiny but hes

got some massive fingers and toes i mean their huge but

that just means hes gonna be a tall kid but anyways then we

went back to the hotel and i called sophie i didnt know if

she was gonna be home or not cause she was suppose to go to

magic mountain with danielle but she didnt end up going and

then she wanted me to go to a party with her but my mom was

being a flaming bitch as usual and was like were here to

see the babies not for you to see your friends i was like

mom its 9 and the babies are sleeping and i dont see why i

have to stay at the hotel and watch tv all night when

sophies gonna be right down the street then i made my good

point like i always do and she was cool with it but she

couldnt give me a ride because her friend jeff was coming

over so i was shit out of luck because sophie cant use her

dads car anymore cause she yaked in it and a long story but

yeah so that kinna pissed me off alittle but oh well maybe

ill see her sometime today before i go home and if not oh

well but yeah so i stayed up till 3 watching i love the

70's on VH1 man that shit is sick but anyways yeah that was

my day and night and i think after i get off the comp im

gonna go see my favorite little person (i think hes my fav

cause i dont know like anyone thats shorter than me so) hey

hes my fav and hes cute as hell

2003-10-12 18:21:12 ET

Babies are cute!

2003-10-12 19:11:58 ET

yeah dude im hella jelouse cause they have such cute kids and i hope that mine kids will be as cute as theirs

2003-10-12 20:05:11 ET

I hope mine are cute too...but I hope they aren't crazy like all the other cute people in the world!

2003-10-13 17:53:53 ET

yeah dude..

2003-10-14 13:40:21 ET


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