man do i feel bad
2003-10-16 19:02:57 ET

yeah so i asked this guy to the homecoming dance and then

im bailing on him so i can go party with my friend amanda

but the plan that me and amanda have set up i dont think

its gonna work so i think that im just not gonna go out

that night but hey at least i can go out on fryday night to

the game although i think that im gonna ditch that shit

early and go do something with my friend danielle

2003-10-16 19:08:57 ET

ditchin the guy?

2003-10-16 19:22:42 ET

oh well, no more hurt huh? goodtimes

2003-10-17 21:25:18 ET

pixi- yeah i ditched the guy man i feel hella bad too

ophobiet- yeah not too much hurt

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