i love the 80's (STRIKES BACK) yo
2003-10-21 21:12:10 ET

man i was so excited to watch i love the 80's strikes back

man im a freak when it comes to the 80's i think it was a

fucking badass decade man was i excited when they got to

1982 and they were talking about the movie the wall man

that movies fucking so sick but yeah they had some funny

shit going on in the 80's i dunno the 70's was fucking cool

as hell too man acctually the 60's, 70's, and 80's where a

badass thirty years but i think the 90's was alright like

the early 90's was sick but the mid and late 90's was

fucking lame and 2000 or whatever oh man this shit is hella

gay cant wait for another decade to start man i hope the

like 2010's are cool or some shit i dunno it'll probobly be

hella gay oh well ill always be a little hippie at heart

2003-10-21 22:31:36 ET

Boy George scared the shit out of me on that show.

2003-10-22 13:13:11 ET

lol..boy george, stupid druggie, any of ya see that interview with him when he just stoped talkin mid sentence cuz he blacked out? lol

2003-10-22 17:07:52 ET

yeah dude whats up with that crazy make up and that shit on his head

2003-10-22 18:17:36 ET

think that was coke

2003-10-23 12:27:10 ET

yeah that was some scary looking make up and such. and I still think the late 70's-early80's were the best, but I totally agree about the last 8 or so years being LAME. we should start a new revolution and stir shit up.

2003-10-26 13:11:57 ET

dude fo sho i absolutly hate music today dude like people just dont know how to write music anymore thats why im getting into older shit like classic rock and shit cause back then they could acctually write great music and good lyrics now a days people cant write shit

2003-10-26 16:50:22 ET

that's because now it's all about the money, and back then it was all about the music and making an impression on society. stupid money ruins everything.

2003-10-27 18:28:40 ET

yeah dude its fucking bull shit dude they should bring it back and make it all about the music again shit thats it im gonna start a band and were gonna make it big and were gonna make it all about the music MAN AM I PISSED!!!!!

2003-10-27 18:31:03 ET

I've been sdaying that about my band for ever, "we're gonna do it old skool style, fuck fame, fuck money, it's all about the love!!" pissed about current state of music or other shite??

2003-10-27 18:33:26 ET

pissed about the current state of music but yeah dude i hella just wanna do it for the music cause i could really care a less about money its all about music yo and jsut doing whatyou love and pleasing people that are affected by it

2003-10-27 18:35:07 ET

hells yeah. my music is gonna be all about getting my message out, and I don't care if I end up homeless or squating somewhere, cuz money isn't important.

2003-10-27 18:36:46 ET

yeah dude fo sho ( we think alike yo) hehehehehe

2003-10-28 14:04:34 ET

hells yeah we do, rock on.

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