only 3 more days till im free
2003-10-27 18:47:20 ET

holy shit on fryday i wont be grounded anymore man im so

happy that i get off on halloween cause im going to a fatty

ass party and im so excited man this is really what i need

some time to kick it with my friends and just chill and get

my freak on hehehehe anyways im excited about my costume im

going as a 70's disco hooker and my friend D-MARK is gonna

be my pimp and im gonna make him look like harvey kietel

did in the movie taxi driver hahahaa hes gonna look great

god damn im just all kinds of excited about this weekend im

gonna be free i get to get out of my house AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

2003-10-28 14:10:34 ET

70's disco hooker?! I definantly want to see pictures of this!

2003-10-28 17:19:45 ET

hahahahahha yeah ill see if one of my friends has a scanner and ill put some pics up

2003-10-30 13:21:11 ET

Yay :-) I love pictures!

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