dude you's a hoe
2003-10-28 17:30:50 ET

dude my friend danielle is such a hoe i swear to god man

like she cant keep her legs closed i mean dont get me wrong

i love danielle and all but that girl does not respect

herself like im not kidding like shes trying to get with

this guy named joey and hes cool and all and like i thought

that was it and then shes trying to get with my friend

dirty mark and now shes trying to get with my friend joe

and im just getting hella pissed because i dont want her

going around being a hoe like i dont want people getting

the wrong idea about her and like i dunno she said that she

was gonna stop fucking guys until she gets into a steady

relationship but i guess since shes on the birthcontrol i

guess she figures why not be a hoe but i dunno that shit

was hella bugging me today and that fact that my friend

amanda is hella fucking with this one guys head and he

really doesnt deserve that hes a hella cool guy and he

doesnt deserve that i dunno just hella chicks fucking with

guys dude i dont like it cause it just makes them look bad

and they get hurt i dunno its stupid i dunno but

anyhoo..... man i really want a boyfriend im so lonely i

just really want someone that gets me and like someone i

can have to myself i dunno im looking into it cause some of

my friends say that i should get with one of my friends but

im not to sure about it cause i dont think hes into me that

way i mean i hope he is but i dont think he is i dunno im

all confused but im really fucking excited about fryday i

need a day where i can let loose

2003-10-28 17:33:54 ET

good luck with the dude and all that type of junk.

2003-10-28 17:34:31 ET

yeah dude all kinds of problems huh!!!

2003-10-28 17:35:34 ET

I hate hoes, but a lot of my friends are like that too.

2003-10-28 17:36:23 ET

yeah dude i just dont like girls that dont respect themselves you know i think its stupid and it just makes them look cheap and no guy respects them and they just get toyed with and think that its not their fault when it is

2003-10-28 17:45:17 ET

I totally get that. it sucks to see a girl fuck up her whole life cuz she has no respect for herself and does dumb shit.

2003-10-28 17:48:43 ET

yeah dude

2003-10-30 11:59:25 ET

dont think it'll take long for you to get a bf..your cool as fuck and your fuckin beutiful. Try not to worry to much about your friend..or at least mad, cuz people like that usually gotta learn the hard way..which sucks but yeah.

2003-10-30 17:41:18 ET

dude shes already had to learn the hard way but for some reason it didnt sink into her... like she was fucking this guy and shit and then she didnt get her period for a month and a half and she thought she was pregnant and when she did get her period she was so happy and decided that she wasnt gonna fuck anymore guys until she wasin a steady relationship

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