Why cant girls get their cum on too???
2003-11-04 16:45:52 ET

why is it like a guy can sleep with all the women he wants

and no one says a thing about it..... but yet when i girl

gets a little action maybe you know sleeps with 3 guys in

you know a short span of time and shes a slut??? its

fucking stupid come on now guys girls wanna get their cum

on too you know.... you cant have all the fun of fucking

hella people and they cant its just wrong

2003-11-04 16:58:44 ET

why would you care what others say about you? Usually those are the people who can't get any or its some religious fucks who have high morals. Get your piece of ass and dont worry about anyone else.

2003-11-04 18:54:32 ET

thank you at least a guy finally agrees with me damn dude and i told everyone too that its my hot body, i do what i want hehehehhe

2003-11-05 13:24:26 ET

haha, yeah dude you are fuckin hot, but yeah, dont listen to em, theyre just mad cuz they aint gettin no lovin from ya.

2003-11-05 16:04:46 ET

dude fo sho i mean if i wanna get my mutha fuckin cum on shit they shouldnt say shit about it

2003-11-05 16:10:11 ET

hahahahha ...get your cum on..hahahah that good times.

2003-11-05 18:52:49 ET

oh dude fo sho :)

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