2003-11-06 13:28:59 ET

damn i got some hella crazy news yesterday... so this is

how it went down i came to school as if it was any other

day and you know i went to 711 to have a morning stoge

before class and i started walking back to school and i see

my friend danielle come walking towards me and shes like im

not going to class and i was like well i wont go either

because all i do is aid in the office and its no big deal

if i ditch well anyways we were walking and stuff and then

we stopped to kick it and then we started talking and stuff

and i was like how did you oppointment go yesterday and she

said tha tit was good and then shes like i have something

to tell you but i really dont want to tell you cause ive

already lied to you about it before and i know your going

to get really mad if i tell you and it took her forever to

tell me but she told me that she was pregnant and i was so

shocked and she said that she had an ultra sound yesterday

and that shes a 11 weeks and she showed me the ultra sound

pictures and i almost started crying and then she just went

about it as if nothing was going on and stuff and she said

that shes gonna get and abortion because she cant have this

baby and i understand that i mean it is pretty stupid of

her to have un protected sex but she really needs to get

this taken care of because she really cant have this baby

for reasons that i cant say on here but im just trying so

hard to get her the money so she can get this done and im

really scared for her and she only has 2wks left to come up

with the money to take care of this but anyways on a better

note im going to be getting a new job at longs well i hope

i am i mean im pretty sure that i am because i had to take

a drug test and iknow that the results are gonna come up

negative because i got some clean stuff but anyways so

that'll be cool and since im gonna be getting this job im

excited cause then that means that ill be able to go to

cyndis wedding and i really want to go cause im just so

happy for her and i think that she could use a good friend

their for her but yeah im still pretty shocked about the

news that i found out.......

2003-11-06 15:14:14 ET

planned parenthood wont do it for free??

2003-11-06 17:10:10 ET

nah dude it costs 385 bucks but its like a down payment and like they'll give it back to her or something i dunno she explained it to me but dude i just hella want her to take care of it

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