hahahahaaha BUSTED!!!
2003-11-10 13:38:07 ET

damn today was hella gay... so i got out of bowling and i

was walking to 711 to have my normal morning stoge before

heading back to school and today it just so happens that i

wasnt even alert for a cop coming by to bust me and sure

enough i got busted for a stoge and i got a citation which

fucking sucks cause i hella dont need my mom getting all

mad at me right now and im hella mad but anyways that

bugged me the whole day and then later at lunch who do i

see come strolling up but my good friend wishcracks and

alex i was so happy to see her i havent seen her in so long

and it was hella good to see her and i finally got to know

that she was alright and ive just missed her so much but

yeah so i ditched 5th to kick it with her and then i came

back and my friend lanell gave me a ride home and i havent

talked to my mom yet about my citation because shes been on

the phone but i know shes hella pissed at me but she has no

reason to really trip about it i mean im gonna pay for the

smoking class and shit so she wont have to worry about

paying for it and what not but yeah i was so fucking pissed

about the whole thing like i started bitching at the cop i

was like "officer dont you have anything else better to do

then fucking bust high school kids for smoking cigerettes i

mean should'nt you be out their busting a junkie or you

know busting someone for murder or rape" i was so pissed

and hes like well smokeing is illegal for you and i was

like so what you know im just gonna go back and keep on

smoking so why even bother wasteing my fucking time and

your time and i just got so man uhhhh i hope im not in too

much trouble?????

2003-11-10 13:52:45 ET

wow, cops around there actually do that?
cops used to come up to my school all the time and the most they would do was make us put our cigarettes out..

2003-11-10 15:38:34 ET

smooth. welp now ya gotta be a lil more carefull. Smoking classes???

2003-11-10 15:47:41 ET

fake- yeah dude they like wait for us to have lunch and shit just to bust us its fucking bullshit

theophobiet- yeah dude i know i gotta be hella sketch now when i smoke which sucks but yeah the smoking class is where they show you hella shit that happens to your body when you smoke and shit its just a waste of time its also to like freak us out so we stop smoking

2003-11-10 15:48:40 ET

yeah that sounds stupid...we all die anyways, why not die with a cigg or somfin

2003-11-10 15:48:50 ET

find a new non sketchy spot

2003-11-10 15:51:39 ET

hahahahahhahaa yeah thats what i plan to do but theirs cops everywhere around my school and like its gonna be hard to find a none sketch spot

2003-11-10 16:01:44 ET

my school just had a designated smoking place

2003-11-10 19:31:13 ET

damn thats hella cool i wish we had a place like that

2003-11-10 19:32:43 ET

yeah we got to smoke before school, after school, at lunch and during 'break'

2003-11-11 10:04:39 ET

damn your hella lucky we always gotta cut out at break to have a stoge but before school you can pretty much go anywhere except 711 cause the pos are always there and after school the po really isnt around so its chill

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