pizza loged up in the tooth
2003-11-15 19:38:15 ET

damn yesterday was hella sick last night i went to my

friend raymonds house and hella heads showed up like at

frist it was me, josh, amanda, juan, and tony then lanell,

mike, chris w., chris h. and we chilled and then krysta

showed up then raymond, josh h., busta, illia (the

russian), some other russian, scotie, and recardo oh and

danny and eric their were so many people there and like

someone broke raymonds bed but it was already kinna broken

cause he fucked this chick jenny on it and it broke but

like last night it broke even more from tonys fat ass

sitting on it hhahahaaha but anyways so we kicked it there

smoked some hooka and just kicked it and me and chris w.

like went and talked and it was chill. oh and then out of

now where i was chillin on raymonds bed and my friend

amanda stuck her hand down my pants like by my ass and i

was like what the fuck are you doing man and shes all oh

dude im sorry im sorry ithought it was something else i was

like dude your trippin balls but then like later me and

amanda went home and then i went to bed and then today i

woke up at fucking 6 so i could be at work at 7 it was

hella lame cause i worked from 7-12 with only a 10min break

and then i had an hour for lunch and went to my friend

raymonds and smoked some hooka before i had to go back to

work and then after work when i got picked up by my mom at

4 she told me my friend val was coming to see me i was like

holy shit i havent seen her in so long and so val came over

and we kicked it at raymonds before we went to go get some

dinner and then like right after we ordered our food val

called her mom and like val had to bounce up out of

sunnyvale hella quick and make it back to willits to

babysit her little bro but yeah so she gave me a ride to

raymonds and we chilled there and smoked some more hooka

and chris w.'s bro was there and tony and their all in a

band together and they started playing some music and it

was pretty chill but i had to get out of their cause i was

sitting by the drum set and like the cymbol was like

crashing in my ear and it hella started to hurt caus ei

think i have an ear infectoin but yeah so that was pretty

much my weekend and it was so chill and fun and tomarrow i

gotta get up at 7 so i can be at work at 8 its so lame i

hella dont wanna go but like i also want to go but theirs

this guy taht works there that hella likes me and hes been

calling me all day to chill and i hella dont like him like

that like hes just a friend you know but he doesnt get it

but oh well

2003-11-15 19:49:49 ET

dude where do you work where you get such shitty hours like short breaks and junk??

2003-11-16 16:59:42 ET

i work at longs drugstore i mean the breaks are hella short but its not that bad and like at least i get an hour lunch shit thats longer than the lunch i get a school

2003-11-16 17:02:44 ET

i thought you were givin up ciggs to loose weight

2003-11-16 17:03:53 ET

nah dude ciggs make you loose weight
i was giving up ciggs cause i was tired of smoking but i havent given it up yet cause my mom hasnt gotten me the stronger patch

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