scary workin
2003-11-17 19:32:13 ET

dude today was hella lame like i kept getting all these

customers that like wanted me to do hella returns and shit

and hella other stuff and iwas getting all confused and all

stressed and i was freaking out man it hella sucked cause

like 6 people would come to my register and like hella

ambush me and i was hella frieghtened but once it got hella

mellow like everything was cool and i got to see the cute

guy that works there YAY!!! i acctually got to talk to him

and stuff hes so cute and funny oh man and hes got amazing

eyes their blue and hes got black hair uhh guys like that

are so adorable

2003-11-17 20:18:13 ET

i love guys like that!!

2003-11-18 13:33:49 ET

hellz yeah

2003-11-19 09:42:24 ET

I changed my mind dude, I love the guys from the anti-flag show.

2003-11-19 15:43:13 ET

you have to admit though dude guys with black and blue eyes is still fucking hot

2003-11-19 16:23:11 ET

oh I know. haha.

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