2003-11-19 17:32:02 ET

Once there was a little kid named Benefit

Walked around town with a frown, face down, lookin bent

Had problems inside, his little sister just died

Keep your head up little man, all you got is your pride

He said 'the world doesn't want me, and neither does my


He'd rather get drunk and puff blunts then have a family'

That's real, and ain't nothing realer then that

The world is much colder then the steal of a gat

But yet he moved on, he fought to stay strong

In this cold world, to stay warm he put a jacket on

Made of 100 percent pain

The label said the only way to wash it was to stand on the


But he still was cold, the other kids were old

All he really wanted in life was Jordan's and gold

Then he'd be set, getting fine girls in berrets

See him with a boom box and fat boys cassettes

If he got into a fight, he'd throw down

But he's a little skinny kid, about 70 pounds

And he had a loud mouth so nobody stepped to him

But I guess if they would've, well I guess that he'd do 'em

But it didn't get to that, this little aristocrat

Tryin to live phat, smashing mail boxes with bats

Runnin wild through the streets, his mouth would make peace

Used to play football in mud with baseball cleats

That's the life in my memory inbedded in my brain

As he started growing, things started to change

Who has the right to know?

My life's a standing flow

Who can say, what's right or wrong for people?

As Benefit got older he started to realize

Everybody's smile was just jealousy in disguise

If he turned his back, how is that, a knife would be in it

Draw my face-to-face in any place, no one would begin it

If they knew, what this kid had been through

Nothing nice, ?fest? sacrifice off of lifes menu

But things lately, were starting to get crazy

And if they stuck around maybe, his mom would lose a baby

So they broke out, headed down south on route

This kid was still actin wild, thought he was tough no doubt

Dealt a difficult hand, but he had to play with it

Emotionally disturbed when the kid never quit it

Immediately took charge when in his new neighborhood

Makes me laugh thinkin when he made forts from wood

And if anybody touched 'em, then that's the razz

If anybody frontin, to the creak they get cashed

In school, everybody sayin 'who's the new kid?'

'I heard he's from Chicago, last week know what he did

Such and such,' that's how rumors get started

But at lunch acting all retarded eatin Capt'n Crunch

Thought he was funny, little dummy makin a scene

Lookin happy on the outside, but inside mean

Lotta anger built up, from things in the past

Such an unreal life, reality hard to grasp

That's the life in my memory inbedded in my brain

As he started growin, things started to change

Who has the right to know?

My life's a steady flow.

Who can say, what's right or wrong for people?

He moved again, now his moves totaled thirteen times

Started gettin serious, writin serious rhymes

He began workin, hustling the company

Pockets full of cash, now every day a shopping spree

Got away with it, finally got caught and ?bullshitted?

They didn't fire 'em, instead the job he quitted

His life is slowed down, different then in the beginning

Only worse, cause little bitches had him sinning

Fell in love one time, maybe twice, who knows

Only problem was the girls weren't nice, but hoes

It was a big mistake, messed up the kinds mindstate

The trade? his best-friends for nice ass and a date

Wait, what's goin on here? the girls left him

Now he's scarred from left ear to right ear

That's his whole brain, now his lights are gettin dim

Cause what he did to his best friends, happened to him

Now he cares about nothin, feeling sick everyday

Thank God, eventually the pain went away

Now he's grown mad, then he ever has been

Up late at night at home, his only friend is his pen

Writin angry to get out frustration out through poetry

Treating girls the exact opposite of noblely

The struggle continues on, documented in every song

Made it this far, confident he'll live long

That's the life in my memory, inbedded in my brain

And it's true as he grew, things did change

Who has the right to know?

My life's a steady flow

Who can say, what's right or wrong for people?

2003-11-19 18:53:01 ET

mad rymes yo

2003-11-19 20:38:42 ET

fuck yeah man you know i like my hip hop

2003-11-20 15:48:57 ET


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