2003-11-24 19:31:25 ET

im such an idiot... my cat was hideing from my brother

cause my bro scares my cat anyways i grabbed my cat and was

trying to get him away from eric so i started running with

the cat in my arms well i was about to run through the

kitchen when i slid on the carpet by the front door and

smacked my head against the doorway and i kept running

until i got light headed and i thought i was gonna pass out

so i sat down on the floor where i was and started rubbing

my head and my brother felt bad and he got me a bag of ice

that was nice of him and then the cat got a way but man do

i feel like a dumbass for that shit but holy shit it hurt

so bad it still hurts

2003-11-25 07:37:29 ET

haha dude I don't like cats.

2003-11-25 16:39:15 ET

heh, i felt like passing out today, how bout we both just pass out together

2003-11-25 19:06:21 ET

roots- dude how can you hate cats their the best man their so cute and cuddly

T.O.- hahahahaha dude it sucks i got a fat bump on my dome now

2003-11-25 19:11:34 ET

I dunno dude, too many encounters with evil felines as a kid or something. I dig my dog, she'll kick any cats ass.

2003-11-25 19:33:49 ET

hahahaha that sucks man but i hate dogs as with you ive had to many bad experiances with dogs but dude cats are the shit

2003-11-25 19:34:34 ET

haha well then we're even huh?

2003-11-25 19:38:19 ET

fo shizzle

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