on bad thing on top of another
2003-12-03 16:51:40 ET

MONDAY- decided that i was going to have a little get

together at my house after school cause i figured my mom

wasnt going to be home till 5 oh man was i wrong its was

me, lanell, raymond, grant, mike, chris, and dirty mark we

were all just chillin in my room smokin some **** and who

decides to come home early but my mom... oh man was i

fucked my mom made everyone go home and im pretty much

fucked till she decides to let me out of the house

TUESDAY- after bowling i went up to 711 to have a stoge and

who do i see sitting there and who i havent seen in like a

week but danielle she got her braces off and got her hair

cut and then she tells me shes moving to reno the next day

i was like WHAT THE FUCK!!! i was hella sad and then i had

to go to work after school that day and it sucked hard core

i kept getting all these returns and it was hella lame and

so many people and i had to stay till 10 and i didnt get to

bed till hella late

WEDNESDAY- today i didnt get up till 7:30 when amanda came

to my house to pick me up and she had to get me out of bed

because i turned off my alarm and forgot so i woke up in a

shitty mood cause i knew i was getting sick and i just

wanted to sleep cause im so exhausted then when i get to

school i got a headache and i think when i hit the doorway

with my dome last week it caused some damage to my head

cause ever since i've had really bad headaches but anyways

the headache went away after about 2hrs and then i had to

take a fatty long test which i think i probobly failed

cause i always fail tests but theirs still a part of me

that thinks i may have passed but yeah so thats all the bad

shit thats happened on man i hate bad shit and it always

happens around the holidays and shit

2003-12-03 16:53:42 ET

poor amy

*bear hug

2003-12-03 17:01:35 ET

aww thank you

2003-12-03 17:10:11 ET

man I'm sorry. that sucks, I hope things get better.

2003-12-03 20:34:16 ET

yeah dude my mom was acting strangly normal today about what happened and my dad took it really well its weird

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