the truth seems like a lie
2003-12-09 20:33:05 ET

im still not feeling complete somethings missing here.... i

dont know what yet just something feels like its

missing.... i dunno maybe im just looseing it so much bad

shit has been happening to me i just wanna get away from

everything right now everyone and just go into a hole for a

while and see if anything changes everythings the same. its

seems as if im just waiting around for life to happen

something big and exciting to happen. hopefully something

will change when the new year comes in maybe my mom will

let me move or something i just need to get the hella out

of sunnyvale god i wanna leave this place so bad i hate it

here i hate everyone here i have no reason to stay....

god i hate being depressed im not usually like this im

always so happy and positive but ive given up just fuck it

2003-12-10 14:06:12 ET

im waiting for something good to happen to with my life to, so ill sit in your hole with you and we'll both wait

2003-12-10 16:22:27 ET

yeah dude we'll be the lost hole kids

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