2003-12-09 20:57:15 ET

Sup Josh? Gimme two packs of cigarettes today. Working

overtime. Sixteen hours. ...And uh, nature's nectar, wake-

up juice. And gimme like, 6 of these beef jerkys... hungry

enough to chew the crotch out of a rag doll.

Hey. Hey, you. How many times I tell you, no shirt, no

service. Get the hell out of my store. What do you think

this is, Club Med?

It's America dude, learn the rules.

No, no. You learn the rules. We Greeks invented democracy.

You also invented homos.

Fuck You.

You wish. You gotta buy me dinner first.

2003-12-10 12:40:04 ET


2003-12-10 16:21:25 ET

fuck yeah dude the movie ghost world is the shit

2003-12-10 17:19:56 ET

haha I love that movie!

2003-12-10 18:52:01 ET

oh fo sheezy

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