As if i needed something else to piss me off
2003-12-11 14:32:13 ET

damn today started out as a pretty alright day till i went

to work and found out that i got two checks which basically

means that i got fired such bullshit fuck longs.... but

anyways im not to pissed about it i mean they did give me 4

days to get over i knew this shit was gonna happen it just

sucks cause i hella need a job right now and its just

fucked up that i lost it but anyways so im trying to keep

my mind off of it but right now im trying to convince my

mom to let me go to this christmas party shes suppose to go

to and she said i could but i dont wanna go alone i wanna

bring a date with me but this is all the way in foster city

and like thats near sf and she has a hotel room and stuff

and like i really wanna go hella bad but i know that if i

bring a date i cant go cause we wont have a way to get back

down so its hella gay and i hella wanted to bring my buddy

but oh well.....

2003-12-11 14:36:46 ET

dude that fucking sucks, I'm sorry! what exactly did you get fired for?

2003-12-11 16:59:00 ET

i got fired cause i had to many mistakes like i got written up 5 times within 2 days so they fired me for that shit its fucking gay

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