2004-01-01 22:02:37 ET

damn new years eve was pretty wack i got invited to go to

three different partys and shit and all my plans got messed

up first one i was suppose to go to my friends beach house

for a party but then my mom said that i couldnt go then

since that didnt work out my friend val asked if i wanted

to go to San Francisco but then she had to work today at

like 9am and she lives hella far from SF so she decided not

to do that then my friend amanda asked if i wanted to go to

LA with her but then her mom said that their wasnt enough

room in the car and amanda got sick so that was hella gay

so i ended up going to my friend raymonds to be honest i

really really really didnt want to go there i almost wasnt

gonna go out last night but then i was like ahh fuck it its

new years eve i need to get faded it was alright chillin

there i mean it was better than sitting on my ass at home

and it was chill to kick it with my friends but i dunno i

kinna wanna stay away from them for a while i mean i have

been like i havent chilled with them in hella long and i

dunno i kinna like being away from them because i can focus

more on getting my shit together and i dunno i just need a

change but damn its 2004 i cant believe it

2004-01-04 15:32:48 ET

that was one hella long run on sentence. i feel ya on the change bit

2004-01-04 17:44:30 ET

hahahaha i know i dont belive in periods its just a waste of time but yeah dude change is always good and thats just what i need

2004-01-05 14:31:18 ET


2004-01-05 17:28:58 ET

i am but slowly cause theirs still somethings that i still want around

2004-01-06 10:03:36 ET

gotta pick and choose. i feel that one too.

2004-01-06 14:13:45 ET

yeah i hate this shit its soo hard sometimes

2004-01-08 10:42:19 ET

specially when its about other people, significant other people

2004-01-08 18:47:21 ET


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