HAHAHAHA just for shits and giggles
2004-01-04 14:42:24 ET

WOW! What a suprise! You're a "LESBIAN!"
now if you're a guy and you're getting this,
please go see an exorcist. And if you're a
girl....MUNCH ON!

What kind of queer are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

2004-01-05 18:04:28 ET

carpet muncher ha, thats goodtimes

2004-01-05 19:32:53 ET

damn straight I LOVE THE MUFF!!!

2004-01-06 14:19:09 ET

Man I did that and it said I was straight ugly white trash :(. I always made fun of white trash, I guess that means I was actually making fun of me.

2004-01-06 15:02:37 ET

WOW!What a suprise!You're "Gay White
Trash!" You are shunned by all of the gay
world, you probally smell, you're most likely
ugly, and nobody likes you.

What kind of queer are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

*i got the same thing as wiggles* :(

2004-01-06 15:04:08 ET

Oh its Gay white trash, thought it said straight. WHAT A BONUS!

2004-01-06 15:05:50 ET


2004-01-06 15:27:49 ET

Tesk will you be mine? ;)

2004-01-06 17:15:14 ET


2004-01-06 17:56:33 ET

He hasn't answered yet... This is getting nerve-racking.... what do you think he'll say?

2004-01-06 17:57:22 ET

he's gonna marry you, your gonna wear the dress and he'll wear the tux, amy will be the best man and ill be the flower girl

2004-01-06 17:58:35 ET

I have to wear the dress? Man even when I go out with a girl I wear the skirt... god damnit i thought I'd finally wear the pants.

2004-01-06 19:41:54 ET

oh man sucks you gotta be the biatch hahahahaa

2004-01-07 08:03:06 ET

You gotta be a butch so hah.

2004-01-07 15:36:02 ET


hmm well i guess i could be yours if i had a penis
but since i dont i guess ill pass...?

2004-01-07 15:40:08 ET

Haha oops I assumed you were a guy because of the thingy miggigy... The test? How you are gay white trash... Sorry :s

2004-01-07 15:41:46 ET

no worries. i take no offence.
its funny reading about yourself with male pronouns

2004-01-07 15:42:38 ET

Sorry :S Want to still be mine? You can still wear the pants if you want? I'm use to wearing a skirt.

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