representin lil style
2004-01-12 19:07:05 ET

comftblynumb420: be doin it B.I.G style

dropkickpunkster: no sorry its more like L.I.L style for

little people

comftblynumb420: hahahahaa i like that

dropkickpunkster: yeah thats right little people be


comftblynumb420: dude fo sho


2004-01-12 19:09:42 ET

haha I'm short, so I'm gonna use that!

2004-01-12 19:10:10 ET

hahahaa fo sho dude short people are the fuckin shit man

2004-01-12 19:11:59 ET

hells yeah!!

2004-01-12 19:16:29 ET

5'4 here and i'm a 17 year old guy

2004-01-12 19:19:02 ET

hahahaha thats my desired height im only 5ft well really 4'11 but shush about that

2004-01-12 20:02:43 ET

i wish i was about 5'10 thatd be niice

2004-01-13 15:45:22 ET

I wish I was 5'6, I'd be so happy!

2004-01-13 16:03:18 ET

hahahahahaa nah dude 5'4 or like 5'5 its not to tall and its not too short but see 4'11 thats just hella short im like only a few inches away from being a midgit

2004-01-13 16:12:30 ET

aww how sad, you are!! I'm like 3 inches taller than you, and everyone always give me shit about it.

2004-01-13 16:36:08 ET

hahahahaha yeah dude it sucks your always everyones shoulder to rest on

2004-01-13 16:41:03 ET

yeah I get the whole armrest thing a lot.

2004-01-13 21:03:23 ET

yeah dude but the worst is when people put their arms on your head like i dont really mind the shoulder anymore but the head thats all bad

2004-01-14 02:56:02 ET

hahaha. but at least your a girl....i'm a guy and i'm super short

2004-01-14 17:11:30 ET

hahahahaha aww but thats what makes guys super cute

2004-01-14 17:43:40 ET

whoa really?

2004-01-14 17:51:40 ET

for sure. short guys are the cutest!

2004-01-14 20:31:01 ET

yeah their hella cute and they give good hugs

2004-01-15 02:45:20 ET


2004-01-15 11:29:27 ET


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