Bleeding Cheeseburger
2004-01-22 20:48:10 ET

Are you a vegetarian?

Why would you ask something like that?

I've just never seen anyone roll a joint like that.

What does that have to do with being a vegetarian?

Well they're just so precious.

I roll perfect joints!

I'm not putting them down, they're incredible.

Thank you.

It's incredible that a human being could roll such neat

little joints.

You make it sound like I'm anal or something.

No not anal, vegetarian.

What does that mean?

Well, you don't roll like big rasta-splif joints do you?

Your joints are like salad joints, not big, sloppy,

bleeding cheeseburger-that-you rip-into kind of joints.

I guess marijuana isn't a visceral experience for me; sex

is for me.


Okay so I am a vegetarian but for strictly moral reasons.

2004-01-22 20:52:42 ET

drugs are bad, meat is good.

2004-01-22 20:52:58 ET

dude both are good

2004-01-22 20:54:18 ET

nah, drugs are bad, alcohol is good, meat is amazing

2004-01-22 20:55:31 ET

some drugs are bad but the natural ones are good alcohol is awesome and indeed meat is amazing

2004-01-22 20:56:49 ET

no way, the natural ones are the worst!

2004-01-22 20:58:03 ET


2004-01-22 20:59:32 ET

well i gues it depends what goes into the category of 'natural'

2004-01-22 21:00:02 ET

shrooms and marijuana

2004-01-22 21:00:41 ET

shrooms are eh, pot is fucking gross though

2004-01-22 21:02:13 ET

how canyou say that
its awesome

2004-01-22 21:02:25 ET

but i guess its just not for everyone

2004-01-22 21:03:39 ET

i smoked everyday for a long time.. its gross, ive never enjoyed it

2004-01-22 21:06:13 ET

thats too bad i do it pretty much everyday i mean sometimes ill pass it up but i just have a good time when im just hanging out with my friends lit its like a bonding experiance but everyone reacts differently to it

2004-01-22 21:07:41 ET

yeah, but theres tons of shit that does that.. bonding that is, and its not illegal.

2004-01-22 21:08:47 ET

true but its like a way for you to relax and just escape for a while and be happy

2004-01-22 21:10:03 ET

i think thats where the problem is, its a way to relax and be happy, but you shouldnt need pot to make you feel that way..

2004-01-22 21:12:04 ET

well some people need something else to feel happy weather they find it in a person, in a hobby, or in a herb sometimes its just hard to be happy on your own

2004-01-22 21:14:28 ET

yeah, i understand that, i did lots of drugs for lots of years, and im just now beginning to realize that you really dont need them to be happy, you just have to look around a little more.
(sorry if i sound like im preaching)

2004-01-22 21:14:29 ET

double post, sorry

2004-01-22 21:16:52 ET

nah dude i get what you mean but i mean its not like im out there doing meth or anything its just like a little boost to just chill with you know like id rather play it safe for the night by getting lit than getting hella piss drunk and making dumbass mistakes and i am a happy person dont get me wrong its just like something i can do with my friends and have a good time with

2004-01-22 21:19:08 ET

really, we shouldnt be doing either, but with pot you get jail time and with alcohol you get a citation. also, when they say its a gateway drug, they arent lying. it might take years, but most people start doing other things.

2004-01-22 21:21:09 ET

oh dude i know ive seen it happen but i know better than that cause i've seen what its done to so many of my friends and im a big scardy cat im just to scared to try anything else but im just trying to get my point accross that pot isnt that bad i mean what like 89 percent maybe even more of our population smoke weed

2004-01-22 21:22:34 ET

haha yeah, and look at america. a bunch of fat people doing drugs and having babies when they are 16.

2004-01-22 21:26:25 ET

hahahahaha just makes you so proud to live in america

2004-01-22 21:27:12 ET

you bet it does. especially in the 'nation's capital'

2004-01-22 21:27:59 ET


2004-01-22 21:28:36 ET

god bless america, indeed

2004-01-22 21:29:47 ET

yes, it truly is the land of dreams

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