nothing exciting
2004-01-28 19:35:24 ET

ahh this week has gone by so slow it sucks i just want it

to be the weekend already cause im going down to fresno to

party with my homies and my cuz im so excited i cant wait i

havent seen my friend amanda in like almost a year uhhh i

wish it was fryday already cause i have plans with this guy

hes my friend amandas (she lives here not the one i was

just talking about)ex-boyfriend and hes hella fucking cool

and stuff and im kinna into him but im not ready to tell

amanda that yet but she knows that me and him kick it and

stuff and she doesnt have a problem with it or at least i

think she doesnt cause shes always like yeah dude i dont

even want to be friends with him but like she was all bad

for him just cause of what she did but i dunno i still feel

hella bad everytime i chill with him i hope hes not just

like kickin it with me to try and get back with amanda

cause that would be all bad but anyways oh yeah we watched

saving private ryan in my american studies class like

monday and tuesday and that movie was so sad i tried to

watch it once before but i saw like the first 20min of it

and was like i dont think i can handle this its too

depressing but then i acctually watched it and its one of

the best movies ive ever seen and im acctually really

starting to pay attention in this class because were

learning about world war 2 and its pretty sick i have to do

this project where i have to interview a veteran or someone

that lived from that time and im really excited cause my

grandpa was in the war and i cant wait to interview him

this weekend but i hope that he doenst get emotional i mean

i know it must have been a hard time for him but i dunno i

just really want to write a good paper and have him tell

his story UHHH!!!!! i want this weekend to come sooner

2004-01-31 13:00:53 ET

Saving private ryan is one of my favorite movies, i remember the first time i watched it i was gonna cry lol, especially that part when the dudes layin on his back and his guts are falling out and hes all " MOmmma! mooommma!!aaaah!!" yeah dude. Im into world war 2 stuff, ya should get into reading about that stuff, itspretty interesting

2004-02-02 14:53:49 ET

yeah i was never really interested in it before but since we've been talking about it in class its really really interesting

2004-02-02 14:54:25 ET


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