17th Birthday
2004-02-12 19:53:53 ET

holy shit its been a long time but ive just been so busy so

ill sum up what ive been up to lately umm well start with

almost two weeks ago so i went down to fresno saw my friend

amanda went to a party got laid but i think only bad came

out of that but ill find out tomarrow and i fell out of a

car and got my face all banged up the next day which was

the super bowl my cousin had a party got wasted and then

came home and found a bunch of randome guys in my living

room drinking beer my brother got busted for having friends

over drinking and i went to bed didnt go to school the next

day cause my face hurt to much and i wanted to wait for the

swelling to go down when to school the next day and hella

people thought i got into a fight then that weekend val

came down to see him and she brought me flowers for my

birthday which was not last fryday but today anyways we

drove up to san francisco with my friend alex and his

friend will then we came home and watched a movie fell

asleep the next morning we went to dennys then val left and

ive been up to nothing really except school and bringing my

grades up and thats pretty much it which brings me to

today, today is my 17th birthday and just one more year

till im an adult cant wait well i got a lot of calls today

saying happy birthday and a lot from people i would have

never expected to have called but lets start out with early

this morning my friend amanda came to pick me up and she

brought me homemade cup cakes and an earing and a poster

the wall then i found what my mom got me which was a

starbucks card and my dad gave me money then i went to

school got nothing from my other friends cause they suck

except lauren and then my mom picked me up from school and

took me shopping and i got new shit then went out to dinner

at applebees and now im doing nothing

2004-02-13 13:18:16 ET

happy birthday holme slice

2004-02-13 13:36:49 ET

Happy birthday ! my 17th in a month and 4 days ! So I know the feeling ! Almost ...

2004-02-13 22:14:17 ET

thanks guys right on im gonna remember that and tell you happy birthday when the time comes

2004-02-14 06:15:39 ET

aww thanks

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