crappy times
2004-02-19 21:58:29 ET

uhh today was so boring i swear if i knew today was gonna

be this retarted i would've stayed in bed anyways today i

was suppose to go snowboarding with my bro cause he said

that he was gonna take me for my birthday present but i

thought that i was gonna be going up there with my friend

val but she could'nt go so i asked my bro if i could go

with him and his friend eric since val couldnt go but i

guess his friend wasnt chill with it so it was hella lame i

dunno im just really pissed that i couldnt go this whole

vacation has fuckin sucked ass i was so looking forward to

this week off of school but my god what a disappointment i

mean me and kyle getting together thats fucking awesome but

he hasnt even been here and i dunno maybe im just being

hella emotional cause its that time of the month but i

dunno everythings just fucking boring and lame right now

2004-02-20 05:59:29 ET

aww I'm sorry. You're bro should have tols his friend your his sister nad you are gonna go ! PERIOD !! Sorry your break has sucked ! I wish I was on break rigth now

2004-02-21 14:13:31 ET

thanks man

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