Requiem for a Dream (such a good book)
2004-03-08 19:49:10 ET

Everybody started taking their money out and Gogit put the

heroin on the table and scooped up the money. Lets go git

it on. Everyone left the office and started roaming around

the dimlit refigeration room, reaching down cracks,

crevices, under floorplates, behind machinery, between

loose bricks, for their works. No matter how many other

sets they might have stashed around town, everyone always

had a set stashed in the Bronx County Morgue. They went

back to the office, got paper cups filled with water and

each one staked out a small portion of the floor for

themselves. The radio was still playing but the

concentration was so intense that no one heard the music or

was aware of anything but their own cooker as they

carefully dumped the heroin in it, then added the water and

heated it until the dope dissolved, then drew the liquid up

through the cotton in the cooker into the dropper, then

tied up. Each knew they were not alone in the room, but

paid absolutely no attention to what was going on around

them. When their favorite vein was ready they tapped the

needle into it and watched the first bubble of blood pulse

through the fluid and streak to the surface, their eyes

glued to it, their senses aware only of the fact that they

got a good hit and that their stomachs were churning with

anticipation and then they squeezed the bulb and shot the

shit into their vein and waited for the first rush and then

let the dropper fill with blood again and squeezed that in

and then booted again and went with the flow as they

flushed and felt the sweat ooze from their skin then filled

their droppers with water and let their works set in the

cup of water while they leaned back agains the wall and lit

a cigarette, their movements slow, their eyes half closed,

everything inside them quiet and mellow; the air smooth,

their lives free from all concerns; their speech slower,


2004-03-08 20:12:06 ET

god damn i wish i had more time to read. god damn

2004-03-09 05:56:55 ET

I saw the movie .. I didn't knwo there was a book. I should read it ...

2004-03-15 20:48:10 ET

yeah the books better because it goes into more detail and theres some stuff thats missing in the movie thats in the book

2004-03-16 04:57:52 ET

hummm I will find and read this !!

2004-03-18 20:42:46 ET

yeah its pretty good so far

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