damn yous computer!!!!
2004-03-30 06:45:34 ET

oh man its been hella dayz since ive added a journal entry

but my comp has failed me... it completely crashed because

we had like 13 viruses and yeah so this sucks balls but

anyways a lot has happened i broke up with kyle and it was

all good though i mean i feel hella awful about it but it

was for the best and me and fabian are doing ok i dunno \

whats going on with us but yeah so lately ive been going to

the beach a lot for like 3wks straight every saturday ive

been there and its great umm ive met hella cool people and

its good to be with other people for a change and not have

to be around all my old friends cause they were really

starting to bug but yeah so tonight is the Aussie- Pink

Floyd cover band concert i know its not like the real band

but hey its all i can get for being born generations later

but yeah im really excited about it it should be a kick ass


2004-03-30 06:46:50 ET

I was without a computer ofr over a month.... never bother replacing a processor. just get a new computer

2004-03-30 06:48:22 ET

i hope my mom will do that and not be cheap ass and have us be without a computer for hella dayz

2004-03-30 06:55:52 ET

yeah it sucks and you don't realize how boring tv can be until you don't have a PC. fortunately I had an Xbox to kill some time with while the PC was broken...
What pisses me off is it was kinda my fault. I added new ram a new video card and made sure they worked. then i went to install the new processor which was GUARANTEED to work with my compouter by the people i bought it from... well it didn't and it produced a slight burning smell when i installed it. Nedless to say it didn't work and when i tried to install my old processor it didn't work either.

2004-03-30 07:32:39 ET

Wow I haven't heard the word "hella" in a long time. It's refreshing.

Changing up crowds, and on a beach no less, definitely sounds good right about now.

2004-03-31 09:38:12 ET

hahahaha i take it you use to be from california?

2004-04-01 12:42:32 ET

no, I met a few people that were from CA a few years ago on a vacation though and they used to use the word all the time.

2004-04-03 23:13:37 ET

hahahaha yeah its kinna hard to get it outta your head especially if you live here

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