2004-04-06 16:38:43 ET

Everyone i hope that you all enjoi the new pics cause i

dont know about you but i was getting really sick and

tired of looking at the same old shitty ass pics of me

that didnt even look like me well now you all finally get

to see me after 2 years of seeing crap

2004-04-06 16:59:10 ET

tongue? yes please

2004-04-06 17:11:45 ET

aww you're adorable!

2004-04-06 17:50:13 ET

braindead- hahahahaha you wish sucka

roots- thanks man ;)

2004-04-06 17:50:30 ET

HA! lol

2004-04-07 07:00:48 ET


2004-04-07 12:30:23 ET


2004-04-07 16:34:00 ET

Yeah, you are adorable! Good to finally get new pics, yo.

2004-04-07 18:04:54 ET

aww thank you.. yeah dude i know i was long over due for some new pics

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