every 15 min.....
2004-04-08 14:07:11 ET

today i went to this meet about this presentation thats

gonna go down at my school and for some reason i was

picked for it im not quite sure why seeing as how im a

shadow at my school but anyways so i was picked out of all

the juniors and seniors at my school and like when i went

to the meeting there was nothing but popular kids there so

i felt a little un-comfortable but anyways so i went to

this meeting and whats gonna go down with the presentation

is were gonna re-enact a car accident about drunk driving

and like 1 of us is suppose to die on the spot and that

preson gets taken away in a van in a body bag and then 2

other people are injured and they get taken to the

hospital where they die and then the other person gets

arrested for being the drunk driver and like we all

acctually have to go to the hospital and shit and the


(i think i spelled that wrong) and the person who gets

arrested acctually gets booked and sent to jail well

anyways we saw a video on it about the one that happened 2

years ago at my school and it looks really real cause like

and ambulance acctually comes to take the people away on

the gernies and shit and like i dunno you would just have

to see the video to understand what im talking about but

anyways so i get to be a part of that i dont know

acctually for sure what im gonna do yet but ill know soon

but im really excited to do it cause its really

interesting and i dunno it would be kinna fun to spoof my

mom but also like really sad cause your parents know that

this i fake but they acctually have to come down to the

hospital and have a doctor tell you that your dead and

your parents have to come and get you in jail and they

have to identify your body in the body bag at the mourge

its hella sick but anyways so i hope that i get to be one

of the injured people that dies in the hospital cause that

would be really fun but yeah so that was cool and later

today around 6 im having my middle college meeting which

is cool cause i get to see some friends while im there

that are already in middle college and i dunno i get to

see whats gonna happen if i get an interview or not i hope

i do i really wanna get out of high school and into this


COLLEGE IS BETTER!!! so everyone wish me luck

2004-04-08 18:52:19 ET

i saw one of those real re enactment video things.

2004-04-08 20:06:19 ET

its hella crazy and sad huh?

2004-04-09 06:02:54 ET

yea. i dont think i'd be able to do it. i'd either be fucking it up not getting in the mood or i'd freak out cuz it was too realistic.

2004-04-09 21:54:24 ET

yeah i dunno im really down to do it just to scare some sense into my brother cause he has a big drinking problem and i want him to see what can come out of it when he drinks and drives and shit you know and i want my mom to know that i dont get in cars wtih people that drink and drive and shit

2004-04-10 04:39:05 ET

if you saw the video from two years ago that must have been the one that i saw when i was a senior. its crazy. its cool. but crazy.

have fun.

2004-04-12 08:46:41 ET

oh dude i know i saw that last week at the meeting it looks so real and shit

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