.....And my heart dropped
2004-04-13 18:29:55 ET

oh man my day started out so good i was so looking forward

to see a special someone but it just all turned to shit

when i did see that someone. i was really hopeing that

things would've been different this time i thought that i

had acctually found a good one. He makes me laugh hes

sweet he talks to me and he doesnt judge and hes just

everything ive been looking for in a guy but it was just

too good to be true.. so this is what happened friday

night we hung out and i had already had feelings for him

like i really liked him and stuff and i dunno we had

connected before and stuff but not until fryday did i

really start to see the way this person was starting to

affect me. anyways we hung out and i really felt like

something was there you know just by little things that i

would notice like when he would kinna look from the corner

of his eye or when he rested his head on my shoulder or

even by the way that he hugged me or cracked jokes with me

but i guess that it was just friend stuff but it really

didnt seem that way but i dunno anyways today i was so

excited that i was going to see him like thats why i woke

up today to see him and today when i met up with some

friends and he was there i was so looking forward to just

seeing his smile and just hearing his voice but when i saw

him walk up towards me he was hand in hand with another

girl and my heart just dropped i wanted to run away and

cry.... it just really hurt me to see him with her and i

just couldnt take it i couldnt even look at them it hurt

so much and what i really hate is that he knows that i

like him and it would be so much better if he didnt cause

then i might not act strange around him but i just like

him so much it hurts and he was someone that i could

really see my self falling for but i guess some things are

just too good to be true and my friends were all trying to

comfort me by saying that hes boring anyways but i just

dont think that they know him like i do i dunno just

something about him maybe its the way he talks to me or

something but he just makes me feel like i can be myself

around him and im not nervous at all when im around him

and i dunno its just killing me inside......

2004-04-13 18:36:56 ET

ohh amy, I'm sorry. that's no fun... want me to come out there and beat him up?? (or her??)

2004-04-13 18:38:32 ET

thanks dude yeah it isnt any fun but nah i wouldnt want you hurt him who knows maybe he'll come to his sense and realize that were compatable for each other

2004-04-13 18:39:43 ET

that's cool, I don't like hurting people.

2004-04-13 18:41:17 ET

hehehehe by the way that baby is so damn cute

2004-04-13 18:44:47 ET

thanks, he's my nephew and I <3 him mucho.

2004-04-13 18:46:48 ET

awww thats so cute did you see the new pics that i put up of my nephews there hella cute too the littest one looks like an old man hahahaha

2004-04-13 18:52:20 ET

yeah I was looking at them they're adorable!

2004-04-13 19:16:01 ET

oh i know

2004-04-14 08:18:22 ET

I'm sorry about that guy. and your nephews are cute

2004-04-14 17:03:56 ET

thanks dude :)

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