2004-04-17 07:35:42 ET

hahahahhaa last night was my prom it was so fucking

awesome cause we got a limo and shit and it wasnt no danky

ass limo it was the fuckin shiiiaat anyways so we got

picked up in the limo and then we went out to dinner and

met up with some annoying as girls that think there all

that and a bag a chips but luckily they didnt go in the

limo with us anyways so we went to the place where they

were having the prom and it was fucking wack that prom was

fucking retarted anyways so we stayed there for like and

hour and talked to some people and then we were like well

we got a lot of beer in the limo might as well drink that

and go to SF and just kick it in the limo so thats exactly

what we did it was so great i had a lot of fun and holy

shit i was so happy my hair turned out exactly how i

wanted it too and i looked damn good if i may say so in my


2004-04-17 07:39:20 ET


2004-04-17 07:41:55 ET

oh im putting some up right now

2004-04-17 07:57:24 ET

the only chick who's all that in a bag of chips is YOU!

2004-04-17 08:58:46 ET

you looked HAWT !!!

2004-04-17 10:44:25 ET

i love you're dress. too cute

2004-04-17 21:26:20 ET

thank you :)

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