2004-04-20 21:10:13 ET

ahhh todays 420 although it is a very joyous holiday full

of herbs and fun it was not such a great day for me well i

mean it started out really awesome but then like everyone

was off get blazed without me and it fuckin sucked ass but

i dunno today was just a chill relaxed day i got to see

hedwig and the angry inch and freeway 2 very awesome

movies i dunno though i wish today would've been better oh

well ill have a better one next year

2004-04-20 21:51:01 ET

Longest. Sentance. Ev.Er.

2004-04-20 21:51:32 ET


2004-04-21 11:45:47 ET

hahahahaha i just dont care about puncuation when it doesnt matter

2004-04-21 11:46:36 ET


2004-04-21 12:40:21 ET


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