yummy tacos....
2004-05-04 20:45:04 ET

oh im so happy everyone loves it when i make food uhh it

makes me feel so good but yeah so on saturday i made

dinner for my family (steak tacos with creamy chipotle

sauce, pico de gallo, and a papaya and avacado salad) uhh

it was so good which everything got eaten except for like

4 tacos but there wasnt anymore meat so they were

vegetarian but anyways so my moms boyfriend ate two and i

was gonna go to this party at my friends house and my

friend tony is a vegetarian so i was like well ill bring

him a taco and then i was like well you know what ill

bring alex a taco too cause we got into a fight earlier

that day and it was like a peace offering so i gave tony

his taco and i forgot that he wasnt vegetarian anymore but

hes now a vegan so i was like fuck cause there was hella

cheese and the milk and sour cream in the chipotle sauce

and cheese in the beans but he just scraped off the sauce

and cheese and he still liked it so that made me happy and

then today alex finally ate his taco and he loved it and

im so happy cause it was so cute he left the cutest

message on my phone that said " aww your taco was so good,

you must make me more, im like addicted" aww it was so

great..... i love pleasuring people with my food it makes

me feel so good.

2004-05-05 06:39:29 ET

am I the only one seeing the mild, but definetly present, sexual inuendo of that?

2004-05-06 15:25:30 ET

hahahahaaha you sick bitch!!!! lol

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