2004-05-24 20:54:32 ET

so some excellent news was brought to my attention last

thursday when i found out from my friend alex that i got

into middle college. uhh im so happy i dont have to be at

the fuckin prison called high school. i can acctually be

with civilized people who acctually want to talk about

something interesting other than whos wearing the lasted

fad. such bullshit uhh i hate high school. but aside from

that i think that i might be getting off of being grounded

hella soon even before schools out and im gonna be getting

100 beans from my moms b/f for washing his motorcycle so

thats cool shit. i can finally get my ticket for BFD there

really arient very good bands this year but i want to go

anyways to see the Violent Fems cause there fuckin awesome

and it would be a nice little treat to do something fun

the day after school gets out and another good thing my

friend rosa is now talking to me again after i think about

a month and a half of not speaking because of some

bullshit drama but so thats chill and i cant wait for

school to get out

2004-05-25 14:25:22 ET

wooo right on!

2004-05-25 20:47:46 ET

damn straight

2004-05-25 20:49:01 ET

dude your entry totally got blister in the sun stuck in my head.

2004-05-27 13:21:20 ET

hahahaha good shit dude that songs fuckin awesome :)

2004-05-27 14:56:29 ET

hells yeah! my friends band covered it, and they actually did a good job on it. it makes me happy.

2004-05-27 19:53:18 ET

aww dude right on thats hella sick

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