camera gone
2004-05-27 13:28:08 ET

damn im hella pissed my mom hid her camera cause i was

taking a whole bunch of pictures and even though i deleted

them after i put them on the computer she still got mad

and she wont let me use it anymore i think the reason why

is because i know how to use her camera and she doesnt and

i think shes jelous for some reason my mom is like that oh

but i will soon find it and when i do i will put up some

new and very interesting pictures (and i do mean

interesting) im tired of all these self pictures but i was

just so excited to take pics of myself because i look so

damn good and im not trying to sound cocky but i mean hey

if you were 23lbs over weight and you lost that shit i

mean come on now you would want to show off to how good

you look and plus its to make up for the past year of not

updating pictures and everyone was subject to looking at

that knarly pic of me which doesnt look like me anymore

but anyhoo schools almost the fuck out and i have a long i

mean long summer ahead of me almost 4 months of summer uhh

college is going to be so great next year

2004-05-27 16:24:11 ET

thats the longest sentence i've ever seen in my life.

2004-05-27 19:52:45 ET

hahahahhaa im just not too down with the periods

2004-06-03 20:30:00 ET

i bet you looked good even with the 23 pounds :)

2004-06-04 21:26:15 ET

not cocky at all, you DO look good

How bout ya just show your mom how to use it? so she wont be jelous or whatever

2004-06-05 14:35:40 ET

oh now i looked pretty bad with the extra 23lbs

dude i have showed my mom how to work it and she still wont let me use it

2004-06-05 15:13:09 ET

punch her toes then, then fix her a samich

2004-06-05 23:03:30 ET

AHAHAHAHAHA you just made my night man thats some funny ass shit

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