....I love you like a fat kid love cake
2004-06-08 18:51:34 ET

AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! YES!!!! schools almost out

biatch only 2 more days left and im out of that fucking

prison AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! im so excited and this weekend is

gonna be bad ass as fuck cause im gonna go camping with a

few of my friends and its gonna be so fun to sleep on the

beach and shit aww i cant wait and its awesome cause i

made me 90 bucks this weekend washing my moms b/f's

motorcycle and he said that since i did such a good job

that he cleared my 50 buck debt that ive owed him since

last summer damn hes kick ass and then i got another 50

beans from my moms friend cause shes paying me in advance

for babysitting so i can have plenty of money for camping

so now i owe her 5 hours of babysitting but i dont care

uhhh im just so happy and i might have a job at Marie

Calanders cause my friend Brittany from my counceling

group works there and she gave them a good word and i went

in today and the manager said that i must fill out an

application first and then he was like we'll talk then so

i hope that i get it its not legit yet but oh man i hope i

get it

it was so sad today, was the last day of group counceling

but it was hella fun cause we just grubbed and talked for

2 hours and talked about how much we've grown this year

and stuff and im so happy that i got to be a part of that

and it gave me good experience for helping people and

listening to them and counceling them

2004-06-10 22:27:23 ET


2004-06-14 12:06:09 ET

nah i havent graduated yet but i got into this thing called middle college so ill be taking classes at the junior college in cupertino instead of going to school at my high school like im still in that school but i dont go to that school anymore

2004-06-14 17:29:14 ET

so you gonna be a senior?

2004-06-16 11:45:57 ET

yup yup cant wait

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