i have a question
2004-06-14 12:28:21 ET

ok im a moron and i dont know how i can put pictures in

with my journal entries so if anyone and im sure many of

you do know how to do it if you could help me out that

would be excellent

2004-06-14 12:30:13 ET

oops. I'm too incompetent to explain. sorry.

check here: http://archive.ncsa.uiuc.edu/General/Internet/WWW/HTMLPrimerAll.html

2004-06-14 12:37:17 ET

thanks yo

2004-06-14 12:39:35 ET

actually that doesn't even have the code! the code goes like {img src="url of photo"} except replace the {} with <>.

there! I finally got it!!

2004-06-14 12:40:57 ET

thank you so much

2004-06-14 12:46:05 ET

YES!!! thank you again i figured it out

2004-06-14 12:51:40 ET

:D no problem!

2004-06-14 13:02:08 ET

oh, oh. and you need to get the EXACT url of the image, otherwise it doesn't work. like for me since I have internet explorer I have to right click, go to properties, and copy the "Address:(URL)". I'm not sure how it works with other browsers, though. :/

2004-06-14 13:04:14 ET

yeah thats what i did

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