the rest of the room
2004-06-14 13:01:58 ET

The Window

The Ceiling

The best poster in the world

2004-06-14 13:03:34 ET

all the images are broken

2004-06-14 13:04:42 ET

what do you mean

2004-06-14 13:05:57 ET

i cant see them, the pictures arnt showing up, they are just x's

2004-06-14 13:07:37 ET

aww thats hella weak yo cause their working on my thing

2004-06-14 13:15:24 ET

I can't see em either and I can't see ones from previous post... You can see em cause they are in your cache...

2004-06-14 16:54:52 ET

i dont know what the hell is going on

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