one of the scariest days ever
2004-06-18 13:37:04 ET

ok so yesterday we were all chillin at the park right and

there were some kids drinking and what not and a good

friends of mines girlfriend got really shit faced and i

was trying to help her out cause she was pukeing and i was

making sure that she would be alright but like everytime i

would give her water she would just puke it back up and we

couldnt get any food down her like she was so messed up

and then while we were at the park some people called the

cops and everyone was wasted and i was pretty much the

only one taking care of this poor girl and so carried her

to the school that was next to the park and thats where

the cops found us and they called an ambulance and took

her away and they got all our information and shit it was

hella scary i thought that we were all fucked and gonna

get into hella trouble but the cops just let us go and it

was all good but i talked to her boyfriend last night and

he said that her alcohol level was like really high and

that if she would have had anymore alcohol in her that she

would've died so im really glad that the ambulance came

and shit but i dunno that shit was just so scary but on a

good note i got the job at marie calanders and i start my

orientation on monday

2004-06-18 13:59:38 ET

crazy shit right there.

2004-06-18 15:30:51 ET

I'm glad she is ok. That is always scary stuff. People , especially chicks need t6o learn how to control their alchol intake

2004-06-18 18:56:08 ET

oh dude i know i hate it when people dont know their limits

2004-06-19 08:09:00 ET

last night I knew my limits but ppl pushed them.

2004-06-20 20:01:39 ET

yeah dude i hate it when people think that they can drink more than they really can and then it just ends in a disaster and its even worse when you can obviously tell the person has had enough and people just keep on feeding it to them

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