Mr. Wonderful
2004-07-16 22:45:33 ET

oh man so much has happened this summer... well summer

school sucks and i hate waking up early but hey you gotta

do what you gotta do and i know it'll pay off eventually

but everyday has just been an adventure and its great

because im never home anymore and aww i know ive talked

about guys on my journal so many times and i just have to

say i found the perfect guy.... hes a gentlemen and hes

smart and funny and witty and he just treats me like a

lady and i just cant get him off my mind i cant say hes

feeling the same way as me but oh man hes just perfect in

every way and its strange because i have never clicked so

fast with someone like i have with him like within the

first 10 min of talking to him i just got this feeling

about him but it sucks though cause as they say to good to

be true is right it sucks cause hes 20 and im only 17 and

its just all bad but age aint nothing but a number....

hahahaha i hope something comes out of this because a guy

like this is really hard to find and now that ive found

one i just hope he doesnt slip away

2004-07-16 22:51:21 ET


I'm 19 and my girlfriend is 16, and we're wonderfully happy. Maybe those three years are just perfect.

2004-07-17 17:29:54 ET

hey 3 years is no big deal. aaron is 3 years older than me :p

17 and 20. no biggie. well to me anyways.

2004-07-26 11:38:26 ET

hahahaha yeah i think your right about that

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