sweet baby jesus
2004-09-26 18:53:20 ET

oh man too much has happened.... i just moved last wednesday to san jose

and im now going to school at de anza which is the junior college in

cupertino and i have a boyfriend now his names danny and hes awesome and

cute as hell but his broke ass needs to find a new job so he can take me

out on dates and shit but anyways ive almost quit everything like bombs

and drink but i still smoke them damn stoges but yeah everything is

going so well right now so good i live in like the dream house and i

have a good job and i wonderful b/f and school acctually kicks major

fucking ass i love school and i use to loath school its crazy but yeah

so thats pretty much all thats been up

2004-09-26 19:47:06 ET

oi, you didn't say hella! Anyways, the moving sounds like goodtimes, it's kinda like, you can start a new life over or something. Anyways, good luck with the boyfriend.

2004-09-27 19:42:02 ET

yeah dude being in a new house and at a new school is deffinantly a new start and now that i got a guy now as well things are just awesome

2004-11-08 17:04:46 ET

picture of dude?

2004-11-10 18:56:17 ET

oh dude thats been over for sometime now we broke up

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