2004-11-28 18:01:04 ET

WOW!!! this vacation has been crazy just so much random shit has

happened and i mean most of it was good stuff but i dunno their was a

fair share of good stuff and bad stuff but yeah anyways its been to long

since ive acctually wrote anything in here so much as happened and it

sucks cause i hate always explaining all thats happened but lifes

alright not as good as before but im making it oh man this vacation was

crazy i tried some new things this weekend that i always said i would do

and never did and then finally i did and it was great

2004-11-28 18:07:25 ET

dude you haven't been on in forever!! I was starting to wonder if you died or something. crazy crazy. what'd you try??

2004-11-30 16:53:21 ET

hahahaha nah im still here just fuckin overload of business oh i cant talk about what i tried cause i dont wanna get kicked off for saying

2004-11-30 17:39:31 ET

yeah t hats what I kinda figured.

2004-12-21 19:55:40 ET


2005-01-15 20:55:49 ET

well, least it aint going shitty, so cheers!

2005-01-20 18:30:18 ET

aww well thank you friend

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